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  • Harber Metal provides a significant manufacturing capability for producing complex shapes metal parts
  • Harber Metal provides a significant manufacturing capability for producing complex shapes metal parts


    Metal Injection Molding (MIM) provides a significant manufacturing capability for producing complex shapes.

    The MIM process utilizes fine metal powders that are custom blended with binders, granulated, and then fed into multiple cavities of a conventional injection molding machine. After removal of the "green" components, most of the binders are extracted through heat treatment or solvent processing, while the remaining portion is removed during the controlled atmosphere furnace sintering (solid-state diffusion) of the metal injection molded components.

    MIM technology is very similar to plastic injection molding and high-pressure die casting, and can produce nearly identical shapes and configuration features.

    However, it is limited to relatively smaller, highly complex parts, as larger parts would require extensive machining or assembly if manufactured using any other metal forming process.

    The advantages of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process include the ability to produce mechanical properties comparable to forged materials, while being a net shape technology with good dimensional tolerance control.

    Metal injection molded parts offer virtually unlimited shape and geometric feature capabilities, achieving high production rates through the use of multi-cavity molds.

    MIM Materials:

    • Stainless Steels

    – 304L, 316 L, 17-4 PH, 420, 440

    • Low Alloy Steel

    – 4605, 4105, 2200

    • Titanium Alloys

    –Ti, Ti-6Al-4V

    • Soft Magnetic Alloys

    – Fe-Si, Fe-Ni, Fe-Co

    • Tungsten Alloys

    – 95%W-Ni-Fe, 97%W-Ni-Fe

    The Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process offers the following advantages:

    • Economically efficient manufacturing of large quantities of complex parts

    • Reduced production time compared to investment casting

    • Minimal material waste through net shape manufacturing (runners and gates can be recycled internally): of greater significance as material costs rise

    • Superior mechanical properties compared to castings and other PM parts, reflecting fine grain size and high sintered density

    • Performance equivalent to forged alloys

    • Availability of various pre-alloys and intermediate alloys

    • Minimal secondary machining operations

    Our technical team has years of experience in MIM development

    We can work with you at all stages of project development - from mold design and manufacturing, to raw material blending, and finally to the sintering stage.

    This strict control at all stages allows us to manage the consistency and dimensional repeatability of the parts we produce, enabling us to deliver high-precision, complex-shaped, mechanically sound, and aesthetically pleasing components.

    Why choose Harber Metal?

    • Industry-leading expertise in designing unique components for production

    • Rapid development system for alloys and new materials

    • Rapid and cost-effective prototype development system

    • Continuous sintering suitable for high-volume production

    • Renowned metallurgical experts

    • Flexible processing capable of handling parts of various sizes

    • Resources to meet the largest production demands

    Harber Metal is a leading one-stop supplier of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) in China, providing MIM components for over 10 years to industries such as consumer electronics, automotive parts, medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

    Harber Metal is committed to providing our customers with excellent solutions and services by understanding and meeting your requirements.

    For more information about MIM, please visit our Metal Injection Molding page.

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